3D Instruments’ New InSight™ Dial Faces Provide Visibility in Low Light

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20 October 2016—Anaheim, CA—Even the best and most accurate process gauge is no good if the user can’t see it. On a well-lit manufacturing floor, that’s not usually a problem, but not every environment is so bright. 3D Instruments knows how important it is for process gauges to be readable in all conditions, especially low-light, smoky, or cloudy conditions. To make their process gauges easier to see in any light, the company has developed the new InSight™ Series 34 retro-reflective dial faces.

3D Instruments’ InSight™ dial faces feature bright, high visibility colors that make them easy to see and read in darkened environments. Two different styles are available: InSight™ and InSight Glow™.

InSight Series 34 dial faces

InSight dial faces

3D Instruments offers their standard InSight™ reflective dial faces in white, yellow, and orange. InSight Glow™ dial faces glow bright green in the dark, and are available in Reflective Pattern and Non-Reflective Super Glow versions. All InSight™ and InSight Glow™ dial faces absorb non-visible UV rays from sunlight and other light sources and reflect them for even greater visibility in daylight or other  conditions.

InSight Glow dial faces

InSight Glow dial faces

InSight™ and InSight Glow™ retro-reflective dial faces can be added to any 3D Instruments process gauge, making them an ideal visibility solution for any nearly application.

3D Instruments was founded in 1973, and first found success with a unique bourdon tube technology that was originally designed for the aerospace industry. The helically wound bourdon tubes the company developed for their gauges proved to be exceptionally resistant to shock and vibration, allowing for continuous, accurate, and uninterrupted operation in applications where “C-shaped” bourdon tubes would likely fail. 3D Instruments—named for the “Direct Drive Difference” of their bourdon tube design—built on that success as their technology found use within a wide range of industries. Today, 3D Instruments continues to grow from its core strength of manufacturing rugged, reliable pressure gauges by offering custom engineered pressure and temperature measurement solutions for virtually any application.

For more information on 3D Instruments, visit them online at https://www.3dinstruments.com.

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