Security Seals for Tamper Evidence

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Tampering and theft are expensive problems. A fire extinguisher that has been messed with won’t do its job when a real fire starts. Reactive chemicals that go missing can be extremely dangerous. Hospitals need to prevent tampering to protect their patients.

Security seals help prevent tampering by acting as a deterrent and serving as evidence that tampering has occurred. Security seals are available in a range of styles and sizes, and for a range of purposes, from sealing truck doors to locking cash boxes.

Printed security seals can add an extra level of protection and peace of mind. By adding barcodes, sequential numbers, logos and diagrams to security seals, you can improve traceability and brand recognition.

AndFel Corporation, in Indiana, offers custom printed security seals for a wide range of industries and purposes. Moreover, AndFel has the shortest lead times in the industry, delivering custom printed fasteners in as little as four weeks. AndFel is a smart choice if you need security seals fast.

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