NuGenTec’s NuFlo DeScale 433 is World’s First Product to Dissolve Barium Sulfate Scale in Oil & Gas Pipelines, Flowlines, Formations & Tubulars

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25 July 2016—Emeryville, CA—NuGenTec has recently completed field testing of NuFlo DeScale 433 successfully dissolving calcium sulfate scale in an oil well. This first-of-its kind application for sulfate treatment has the potential to solve the complex and extremely costly sulfate scale problems that have plagued the oil industry since its inception.

In addition to pipelines, NuFlo DeScale 433 has broad industry applicability in other surface equipment and processes including gathering lines, transfer stations, pumps, and tanks as well as downhole in the rods, tubing, and perforations. The patent-pending product is a proprietary formulation owned by NuGenTec and is the first and only descaler that has proven effective against sulfate scales.

Sulfate Scales in Oil and Gas applications include NORM Scale (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials), Calcium Sulfate, Barium Sulfate, Strontium Sulfate, and Magnesium Sulfate.

Sulfate Scales are a natural byproduct of oil production. These compounds separate themselves from the oil flowing through pipes and tubes and accumulate to become as hard and tough as concrete. After it solidifies, removing Sulfate Scale is next to impossible. Traditionally, the only way to eliminate it was by drilling or milling or otherwise mechanically removing it from pipes. In many cases, it proved easier to replace the pipes than to remove the hardened Sulfate Scale.

NuGenTec’s NuFlo DeScale 433 changes all that. The unique, non-hazardous, pH-neutral chemical descaler is capable of dissolving all Sulfate Scales to a liquid state easily pumped out of pipelines, tubing, and vessels. It also effectively dissolves other types of sulfate scale, including calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate, NORM scale, and magnesium sulfate.

After extensive lab testing, DeScale 433 was field tested and qualified for oilfield use by the Kuwait Oil Company, who are already using it in their operations. The applications for NuGenTec’s product are wide ranging, and provide the potential for massive improvements in oil throughput, pumping and pipeline efficiency.

NuFlo Descale 433 is a highly concentrated, high strength Sulfate Scale remover. It operates at a neutral pH, providing a safe alternative to acid descaling, which has proven to be ineffective at removing Sulfate Scales. DeScale 433 is designed for extremely high thermal stability that allows for scale removal at temperatures as high as 550°F.

NuGeneration Technologies, better known as NuGenTec, is a global specialty chemical company that specializes in high-performance chemical solutions catered to their customers’ needs. Focusing on eco-friendly solutions, NuGenTec produces over 600 products for customers in various high tech, medical, and industrial markets.

For more information on NuFlo DeScale 433 and NuGenTec, visit or call 888-996-8436.

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