Preserving Spice: Dense Phase Conveying in Spice Manufacturing

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When you’re dusting your deviled eggs with paprika, do you ever stop to wonder where those tiny red flakes come from? Yes, they come from dried chili peppers, but how do they end up in those little bottles that you store in the spice rack above the sink?

Bulk material handling conveyors carry a wide range of products — including spices — and help them get to their final destination. ¬†Food and beverage industry manufacturers rely on these conveyors because they are sanitary and help prevent product loss. In some cases, bulk material handling conveyors can be outfitted with safety equipment that helps to prevent explosions. Sugar, for example, is capable of producing dust that is highly volatile when not managed properly.

Dense phase conveying is a highly sophisticated method of bulk material handling designed by engineers who have extensively studied the needs of manufacturers who work with bulk materials.

How does dense phase conveying work? Check out this video:

Dense phase conveying helps ensure that the quality of the material doesn’t degrade as it moves from one end of the plant to the other. It’s how manufacturers make certain that your paprika still provides just the right spice even after it goes through a lengthy manufacturing, bottling and testing process.

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