Miracle Paint

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Miracle Paint & Pacer Industrial Mixers

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Co.
Pacer Industrial Mixers

6160 Claude Way E
Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 55076
Phone: 651-222-1900
Toll free: 888-236-1143
Email: info@miraclepaint.com

Company Overview

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Co. and Pacer Industrial Mixers are two divisions of the same company (for simplicity’s sake, just “Miracle Paint”). Miracle Paint has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality paint shakers since 1932. The company was founded by Fred A. Schelz, who developed the original Miracle Paint electric paint shaker to help keep the inventory at his three paint stores fresh. Schelz’s innovations in the field include a unique shaking motion, still used today, that quickly and easily provides thorough, uniform mixing, even for heavy-weight paints and stains.

Before long, demand for his advanced paint shaker technology led Schelz to sell his stores and focus on shaker manufacturing full-time. In the decades since, Miracle Paint has grown to include a range of high powered paint shaker models, including pneumatically-powered and explosion-proof options. Pacer Industrial Mixers was set up as an extension of Miracle Paint, focusing solely on special, heavy duty shakers for industrial applications.

Miracle Paint’s paint shaker models include single- and double-arm options, options for one-gallon, five-gallon, and other can sizes, and more. For more information, visit them online at https://www.miraclepaint.com.


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