IBOCO Corporation

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IBOCO Corporation

IBOCO Corporation
26 Northfield Avenue
Edison, N.J. 08837
Phone: 732-417-0066
Fax: 732-417-1166

Company Overview

Based in Edison, New Jersey, IBOCO Corporation is the U.S. branch of the Bocchiotti Group, a European leader in wire management products. IBOCO’s comprehensive range of products (manufactured in Italy by Bocchiotti) provide faster, more effective, and more efficient solutions for system integrators and engineers.

The company’s proprietary wire duct systems and related products are designed to organize, retain, separate, and identify wires in even the largest and most complex wiring setups. IBOCO constantly works to develop and implement new products and unique solutions for all kinds of wiring challenges.

IBOCO’s extensive product inventory and exceptional customer service help set them apart from both domestic and foreign competitors. The company strives to anticipate and define the ever-evolving requirements of their market and to provide high quality products that meet these challenges and exceed user expectations.

Product Lines

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