Tri-Tec Manufacturing

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Tri-Tec Manufacturing

Tri-Tec Manufacturing
6915 S 234th Street
Kent, Wash. 98032
Phone: 425-251-8777
Fax: 425-251-0536

Company Overview

Since 1972, Tri-Tec Manufacturing has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing products for use in the world’s harshest environments. Their line of actuators, fire-safe ventilation valves, gearboxes, and flux-drive couplings are 100% made in the USA, with all manufacturing taking place at Tri-Tec’s facility in Kent, Washington.

Built to exacting standards and compliant with the DOD’s strict requirements for shock and vibration, noise, fire, and EMI, Tri-Tec products can be found on nearly every ship in the US Navy. These products deliver outstanding performance in any application and exceptional durability to withstand the test of time.

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Products & Services

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