Reducing Electromagnetic Interference

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Electromagnetic interference. It’s a real pain, am I right? EMI is perfectly awesome when it comes in the forms of thunderstorms or the Northern Lights. But when you’re building an electronic assembly, EMI can cause problems. Fortunately, EMI is easy to reduce.

Meet the toroidal inductor. Toroidal inductors have a symmetrical shape that minimizes the amount of magnetic flux that escapes the core. This, in turn, reduces EMI.

Toroid Coil Manufacturers

The engineers at HBR Industries are experts at coil bending, and have extensive experience with toroid coils.

toroid coil

“Small Toroidal Inductors” by Scwerllguy – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –


If you’re concerned about electromagnetic interference, consider incorporating a toroidal inductor or transformer into your design, and let HBR Industries make it for you.

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