How to Fix an Inefficient Pump

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Vespel® Pump Wear Rings help improve pump efficiency.

Vespel® Pump Wear Rings help improve pump efficiency.

Inefficient pumps can slow down the works. That’s true for just about every industry. What are the signs of an inefficient pump?

  • Increased energy costs: Are your energy costs going up? It could be because the pump is working harder than it should to perform its most basic functions. Repairing the pump could bring your energy costs back down.
  • Drop in quality: An inefficient water pump, for example, will yield dirty water. If you’ve noticed a drop in quality, then the pump may be the culprit.
  • Noise: A pump that’s working too hard to do its job will often make strange noises. If you or your employees have noticed this, it’s time to make some repairs.
  • Decreased pump life: Pumps that work inefficiently don’t last long. If you go through pumps quickly, consider making some modifications that help them last longer.

Vespel® CR-6100 improves pump efficiency

One way to improve pump efficiency is to replace the pump’s stationary wear rings with Vespel® CR-6100 wear rings. Vespel® CR-6100 is a composite material that can handle extreme temperatures, has a lower thermal expansion coefficient and is chemically compatible with most fluids.

Vespel® CR-6100 pump wear rings help improve efficiency because they eliminate metal-t0-metal contact points. As a result, friction and vibrations that cause pump problems are greatly reduced.

To learn more about how Vespel® CR-6100 improves pump efficiency, visit to read some informative case studies!

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