Leak Detection Systems

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An empty container that leaks is defective. To prevent defective containers from “leaking” onto retailers’ shelves, manufacturers rely on leak testing equipment. Air Power Logic Systems has developed a range of leak testing systems. Manufacturers in industries like food and beverage, chemical and cosmetic and pharmaceutical turn to ALPS for top-of-the-line leak detectors.

ALPS Linear Leak Tester

ALPS Linear Leak Tester

Types of Leak Testing Equipment

ALPS accomodates a range of industries by offering several different types of leak testers. Types of leak detectors include:

  • Rotary
  • Multi-station linear
  • Single-station linear

The type of leak tester you choose will depend on your industry, container type and facility. The customer service team at ALPS can help you determine which type is best for you.

Container Sizes

ALPS makes leak testers for containers ranging in size from one ounce to five gallons. ALPS also designs testers for blister packs, ampoules, filed pouches and metal cans.



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