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Commonly used in power inductors, power converters, chokes, and other RF energy devices, a flat wire coil is a very useful device, but one that’s not easy to manufacture. Coil winding in and of itself is a difficult process, one that requires extensive know-how, specialized equipment, and extreme precision to produce a useable end product. Working with flat wire—copper wire that is literally flat (rectangular in cross section)—ups the difficulty considerably, as the narrow edges of the wire must remain perfectly aligned all the way around the coil. If the edges are even slightly askew, the coil won’t function properly, rendering it useless.

The copper rings on these power converters are flat wire coils.

The copper rings on these power converters are flat wire coils.

Custom Coil Solutions

HBR Industries is one of few manufacturers in the industry who can accurately and reliably produce flat wire coils. Their flat wire coils are custom-made to meet their customers’ exact requirements. Wire gauge, coil diameter, the number of turns per coil, spacing between turns, and numerous other factors can all be modified to meet customer specifications. HBR’s tube and coil bending expertise enables them to produce parts that perfectly match any customer design, no matter how complex. There are essentially no limitations to their flat wire coil capabilities.

With a focus on prototyping and low volume production runs, HBR is the perfect choice for small-scale, flat wire coil manufacturing. If you’re developing a new product or testing a “beta” version that only requires a few units, building a limited number of RF energy devices, or repairing existing systems, HBR Industries will turn your flat wire coil designs into tangible products.

HBR Industries was founded in 1979 in the heart of the Silicon Valley by an Air Force veteran who learned the tricks of the trade in the USAF and while working with other California-based electronics manufacturers. In the decades since, HBR has maintained their commitment to putting the customer first, and continue to deliver high quality products in quick turnaround times and at competitive prices. To learn more, visit www.hbrindustries.com.

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