ALPS Leak Detectors

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What do aerosol cans, blister packages and glass vials have in common?


That is, unless, they are properly tested.

Air Power Logic Systems has developed a range of leak detectors that can test everything mentioned above and more. Leak detection is essential for preventing contamination, product loss and other serious issues. Manufacturers that need to adhere to FDA, USDA and other regulatory standards know that leak testing is a very important part of the QA process.

But what they might not know is that ALPS technology is some of the best available. Since 1985, ALPS has been developing non-destructive leak testing systems. ALPS engineers are experts in leak testing methods such as headspace gas analysis, pressure decay and vacuum decay.

ALPS makes Linear, Rotary and Integrated leak testers. ALPS Rotary leak testers can test up to 1600 containers per minute and automatically reject bad containers. Rotary leak testers test containers on a rotary turntable.

ALPS rotary leak tester.

ALPS rotary leak tester.

Linear leak testers perform the same function as the rotary testers, but on a conveyor belt rather than a turntable.

Integrated leak testers are a custom option that allows manufacturers to add an ALPS leak tester to their existing equipment.


Manufacturers in a range of industries rely on ALPS leak testers.

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