Sniff Out Gas Leaks — Fast!

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Remember this?

(The relevant part starts at the 5:00 mark.)

In this old episode of Home Improvement, Tim accidentally blows up his friend Benny’s house after fixing a leaky furnace. Why? Because there’s another gas leak — in the stove — that Tim doesn’t know about. Tim claps, activating a lamp that’s plugged in to a socket inside the house, igniting the gas from the stove. The house blows to smithereens. A debate ensues over who is to blame for the explosion — Benny for saying nothing about the leak in the stove or Tim for clapping.

If only Tim had had a TracerMate leak detection device. He and his partner Al would have realized that there was a gas leak in the stove and they would have been able to fix it, preventing the explosion altogether.

TracerMate Leak Location Solutions

Cincinnati Test Systems is a leader in sniff testing for gas leaks. Tracermate CS Leak Location Systems are useful for a range of applications, including:

  • Automotive
  • HVAC/R
  • Trucks / Transportation / Motorcycles
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural / Lawn Garden
  • Aerospace

TracerMate CS Leak Location Systems are easy to use — simply use the sniffing probe to find where the leak is coming from. The results will display on the easy-to-read plug-and-play interface. We can’t think of a simpler way to test for gas leaks. Learn more about TracerMate leak testers by checking out these videos.

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