What’s So Great about E-Z Lok Threaded Inserts?

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carbon steel threaded inserts

Carbon Steel Threaded Inserts for Metal by E-Z Lok

The question should be: what is not so great about E-Z Lok threaded inserts? When you need to repair threaded holes, E-Z Lok threaded inserts make it fast and easy to do so, without any special tools. Some of the other benefits of E-Z Lok threaded inserts include:

  • Vibration resistance: These inserts can stand up to even the most vigorous applications. They are coated with an adhesive that activates once the insert is installed, and holds the insert in place even in extreme environments.
  • Gas and liquid-proof: E-Z Lok solid threaded inserts seal out gas and liquid up to 6,000 PSI.
  • Super strength: E-Z Lok inserts are made from solid steel, so you know they are super strong — and can stand up to even the most rugged environment.

E-Z Lok inserts are available in both stainless and carbon steel.

Threaded Inserts Put to the Test

We decided to put E-Z Lok inserts to the test. We found an aluminum sheet with badly stripped holes, and decided to try fixing the holes with E-Z Lok threaded inserts. It was a simple three-step process: we drilled a hole, tapped it, then threaded the insert with a screwdriver. The entire process took less than five minutes — that’s three holes we fixed in five minutes!

We highly recommend E-Z Lok threaded inserts.

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