Tri-Sure USA

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Tri-Sure USA

290 E. Fullerton Avenue
Carol Stream, Ill. 60188
Phone: 630-665-7900
Toll Free: 800-247-1992

Company Overview

Tri-Sure USA is a global leader in industrial closure systems and packaging components for metal containers, plastic containers, steel drums, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), and more. Their patented closure systems are specially engineered to protect container contents and minimize or eliminate spillage.

Tri-Sure manufactures a full line of container closure devices, including the industry’s highest quality bungs, flanges, plugs, caps, cap seals, and specialty products. Designed to work together as a complete system, Tri-Sure’s products deliver superior performance and unrivaled protection against leaks, spills, pilferage, and damage.

A subsidiary of Tri-Sure Worldwide, Tri-Sure USA focuses on protecting the environment and creating a safe workplace through their unique products. Each year, hundreds of millions of containers all across the globe are secured with Tri-Sure closure systems.

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