3 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Lenses

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Submitted by our client, Crescent Plastics

When choosing extruded lenses for your lighting application, consider acrylic lenses. Acrylic lenses provide excellent light diffusion and are easy to customize. When deciding whether to choose acrylic over other types of lenses, here are the three main reasons to choose acrylic:

Durability: If lenses tend not to last long in your facility, it could be because they just aren’t durable enough. Acrylic lenses are tough enough to be dropped, bumped and hammered into place without breaking.

Flexibility: Acrylic owes some of its durability to its flexibility; it can be bent and twisted without breaking. It is also makes lenses easy to install and easy to remove.

Longevity: You want something that will last a long time, right? Acrylic is long-lasting and cost-effective, which means you can install acrylic lenses and not worry about changing them or buying new ones for a long, long time.

Questions about Acrylic Lenses?

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