Syagrus Systems Uses 3M Wafer Support System to Deliver Ultra-Thin Wafers

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For years, Syagrus Systems has been a leading provider of backend silicon wafer processing for the worldwide semiconductor industry. Their ongoing success can be attributed, in part, to their use of the 3M Wafer Support System in wafer grinding and post-grinding operations.

The 3M Wafer Support System replaces traditional backgrind tapes with a glass/adhesive “sandwich” that provides increased support during grinding. The system works by coating a glass support carrier with a sacrificial adhesive layer and a top coat of 3M liquid UV-curable adhesive. These adhesives bond wafers to the glass supports, and flow into and support the topography of the circuit patterns on the wafers’ front sides. This minimizes grinding stress and reduces or eliminates warping, cracking, and edge chipping. Using this system, Syagrus Systems is a able thin wafers down to 20µm final thickness.

Background silicon wafers | Photo credit: smellsofbikes / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The supporting glass and adhesives are engineered to resist high temperatures. This allows Syagrus Systems to perform a range of additional backside processing steps on thinned wafers, including etch, CMP, metal deposition, and more.

When backside operations are completed, the sacrificial adhesive layer is debonded via laser, allowing the glass substrate to be separated from the wafer. Any remaining adhesive is removed via a simple peeling operation. Thinned wafers are then ready for additional processing.

Because it uses no wet chemistry or soaking steps to debond the glass supports, the 3M Wafer Support System allows for fast and clean processing. And, because the adhesive solids are 100% reusable and recyclable, less waste is produced in the coating process.

Based in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Syagrus Systems offers a full range of wafer processing services, including SMD tape and reel, silicon wafer dicing, automated wafer inspection, die sorting, and more. For further information, visit them online at

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