Metal Fasteners vs. Nylon Fasteners

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When it comes to fasteners, metal is not the only game in town. Ancient shipbuilders used wooden treenails to bind wooden ship parts together. Many modern manufacturers use nylon fasteners when they are looking to keep costs low. However, for most applications, metal fasteners are the best choice.

When to Choose Metal Fasteners Over Nylon Fasteners

There are many reasons to choose metal fasteners over nylon ones. Here are just a few of the most important reasons:


Nylon melts under high temperatures. Metal fasteners and rivet nuts can stand up to the heat for applications that involve high temperatures.


Nylon doesn’t do very well in low temperatures either. Like most plastics, nylon cracks when exposed to extreme cold. If you’ve ever stuck your tongue to a metal post in the middle of winter, you know well that metal holds its own just fine in frigid temperatures. Metal fasteners are the superior option for any cold-climate application.


Nylon fasteners just don’t have the same strength as metal ones. Bridges undergo physical stress as thousands of vehicles cross them every day. The fasteners that hold the joists together need to be strong enough to with stand physical stress. That is why you don’t see many bridges built with nylon fasteners!

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