Nol-Tec Systems: Pneumatic Conveying for Frac Sands

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Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is on the rise. In fact, up to 70% of natural gas development in North America will soon be reliant on fracking. Fracking may be an effective technique for extracting natural gas and oil, but it can have some unpleasant environmental side effects. Fortunately, Nol-Tec supplies the oil and gas industry with equipment that reduces dust and drift.

Health Hazards from Frac Sands

Handling frac sands can create a lot of dust. If workers inhale the dust, they can develop silicosis, a disease that causes asthma-like symptoms, puts people at greater risk for acquiring tuberculosis and can lead to complications such as lung cancer, respiratory failure and fibrosis. Keeping dust contained can go a long way toward preventing silicosis.

Pneumatic Conveying

pneumatic conveyingAn effective way to contain dust is to make use of pneumatic conveying. Nol-Tec has developed and extensively tested pneumatic conveying systems for frac sands. These systems are enclosed, which contains dust and eliminates the need for additional dust collectors. As a result, Nol-Tec pneumatic conveying systems are not only very efficient at eliminating dust, they also keep costs down.

One of the biggest advantages that pneumatic conveying has over other systems is that it is extremely versatile. Nol-Tec systems can be configured to fit into just about any plant. Because it’s highly scalable, pneumatic conveying can expand right along with a growing business. Because fracking is only going to increase, pneumatic conveying systems are the smart choice for the oil and gas industry.

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