Touchscreen Panel Displays

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Submitted by our client, Total Control Solutions

Liquid Crystal Displays from TCS

Many equipment manufacturers integrate touchscreen computers, panel pcs, HMIs, and LCD displays into and onto their equipment.  There are many factors to consider when selecting a touchscreen panel pc or display (i.e. size, resolution, mounting type, touch technology, CPU, OS, etc.).  Even with these specifications defined, it can be a challenge to find a solution that mechanically fits into the available space.  Some common design constraints when choosing a panel pc include:

  • Minimum depth requirement to avoid mechanical interference with other system components
  • Minimum front bezel dimensions for panel mounting into a pre-defined area
  • Location of I/O ports for accessibility during installation and operation
  • Matching cutout hole dimensions in existing design for retrofits and field replacements

TCS understands these requirements and provides solutions that match your design criteria.  Our experienced Sales and Engineering team have a variety of tools to solve these problems.  Contact TCS today and let them do your job for you.

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