Berndorf Belt Systems USA

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Berndorf Belt Systems USA
59 Prairie Parkway
Gilberts, Illinois 60136
Ph: 800-383-8450
Fax: 847-931-5299

Company Overview

Berndorf Belt Systems USA is an industry leader in steel belts and steel belt systems. Part of the international Berndorf Band Group, Berndorf Belt Systems provides endless steel belts and steel belt systems for manufacturers in myriad industries.

Using innovative manufacturing techniques and one-of-a-kind technology, Berndorf USA provides versatile and highly adaptable steel belt technology. Their products can be built to meet customers’ exact specifications, and they offer an on-site test facility for trial runs of their steel belt systems.

Berndorf Belt Systems manufactures stainless steel, carbon steel, and textured steel belts, single- and double-belt conveying systems, and other related products. They also provide turn key plant solutions for various applications.


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