House of Batteries Now Offering Maxwell Ultracapacitor Cells & Modules

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25 September 2014—House of Batteries has announced the addition of an innovative new product line to their roster of portable energy solutions: Maxwell Technologies’ Ultracapacitor cells and modules.

Ultracapacitors are electronic charge accumulators that complement the performance of a primary energy source, such as batteries or internal combustion engines. Maxwell Ultracapacitors are engineered to deliver rapid bursts of energy during peak power demands, and quickly store energy and capture excess power that would otherwise be lost. These unique discharge and recharge capabilities enhance the performance of primary energy sources, which are effective as continuous sources of power but cannot efficiently handle peak power demands because of slow discharge and recharge rates.

Maxwell Ultracapacitors are designed for backup power, regenerative power (from regenerative braking systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, for example), burst power, quick charge, and cold starting in countless applications, from wind energy to mass transit. Their Ultracapacitor products utilize proprietary dry electrode technology, a patent-pending energy collector design, and advanced shock and vibration technology to provide superior performance and extended working life.

House of Batteries offers Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitors in a variety of cell (smaller) and module (larger) configurations. 

House of Batteries is a leading engineer and manufacturer of custom battery solutions. Since 1965, the company has been designing, manufacturing, and assembling portable battery systems for a wide range of applications. Based in Fountain Valley, California, they serve some of the most recognized battery manufacturers in the industry. House of Batteries is ISO 9001 certified, ITAR registered, and a certified woman-owned company.

Maxwell Technologies has over 45 years of experience in developing and marketing energy storage and power delivery solutions. They are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-conscious products that extend the limits of current technology.

For more information on House of Batteries and their available Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitor products, visit them online at

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