Gas Supply Lines

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Gas leaks aren’t just wasteful. A leak in a gas supply line can put people at serious risk. Gas supply lines can help to prevent gas leaks — as long as they are designed by engineers who understand the transfer of gasses and how to prevent leaks. When manufactures include other components, such as fittings and valves, in addition to supply lines, it helps to ensure a proper fit and decreases the likelihood of a gas leak.

Uses for Gas Supply Lines

Gas supply lines are useful in a broad range of applications, including:

  • Propane fireplaces
  • Helium compressors
  • Butane compressors
  • Medical equipment

How are Gas Supply Lines Made?

Gas supply lines are usually made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel and copper. The type of material that the manufacturer uses for the tubing will depend on the client’s application. An experienced gas supply line manufacturer can work with clients to help determine which material best fits the application.


If you have questions about the uses for gas supply lines, you can find answers by contacting gas supply line manufacturers. Washington-based Triad is a manufacturer that produces gas supply lines for all types of applications.  The company has been manufacturing gas supply lines since 1978.

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