Vaga Industries

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Vaga Industries
2505 Loma Avenue
South El Monte, California 91733-1479
Phone: 626-442-7436
Fax: 626-442-4330

“Precision Thin Metal Parts Through Photo Chemical Machining”

Vaga Industries is a leading provider of photo chemical etching, a subtractive milling process that uses photoresist tooling and acidic etching fluids to chemically remove selected areas of a metal sheet.

Founded in 1966, Vaga was among the first companies to provide photo chemical milling in Southern California.

The company takes pride in delivering high precision, high quality, burr-free metal parts in extremely fast turnaround times. Vaga produces photo etched shims, springs, panels, frames, and more, as well as prototype parts and components.

Vaga’s photochemical machining capabilities are effective for a range of metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, and others.

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