House of Batteries Provides Informative New Battery Chemistry Chart

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26 February 2014—House of Batteries, a leading manufacturer of both custom and off the shelf portable energy solutions, has added a new page to their website, featuring an informative “Battery Chemistry Chart.” The chart is designed to provide useful information on the performance of various battery chemistries available in both primary and secondary cells.

House of Batteries’ Battery Chemistry Chart displays relevant technical specifications that affect the performance of different battery chemistries, such as lithium ion and alkaline. Cell voltage, capacity, energy by volume and weight, shelf life, and other important features are addressed, covering the four most common chemistries of primary (single use) batteries, and the six most common chemistries of secondary (rechargeable) batteries.

Additionally, the chart offers a basic overview of the difference between how primary and secondary batteries work, and the common uses of each. Divided into “Primary” and “Secondary” sections, the Battery Chemistry Chart is a fast, easy to use reference for anyone trying to determine the right battery chemistry for their particular application.

House of Batteries has been in the battery business since 1965. The company specializes in the design and manufactured of complex, portable battery packs for medical, military, and industrial applications. Based in Fountain Valley, California, House of Batteries is also an approved battery assembler and distributor for some of the world’s most recognized commercial battery companies. Offering the largest selection of primary and secondary battery cells and battery packs in the industry, House of Batteries provides complete, turnkey energy solutions.

Click here to view the Battery Chemistry Chart.

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