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18 November 2013—This past September, the United States Senate voted to keep America’s Federal Helium Program in operation for the foreseeable future. Prior to this vote, plans were in place (per the Helium Privatization Act of 1996) to shut down the program and turn over the remaining helium reserve to private businesses. As the Federal Helium Program currently supplies 42 percent of the helium used in America, and roughly 35 percent of the world’s helium needs, an abrupt shutdown would have lead to a shortage that could have sent prices for the gas skyrocketing.

However, though the Senate vote will allow for a more gradual transition to a fully privatized helium industry, a rising helium price is still a very real concern. Helium is the second-most abundant element in the observable universe, but it is very difficult to capture, process, and store. It’s used in numerous industries and applications in both its gaseous and liquid forms, from cooling systems in MRI machines to manufacturing flat screen TVs to, of course, inflating balloons.

In most industrial, scientific, and technological processes using helium, the gas is vented into the atmosphere after use. Rather than wasting a significant amount of what is becoming a scarce and valuable resource, helium recovery systems can be utilized in these processes to reclaim and recycle helium for further use.

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) manufactures a full line of helium recovery systems for industrial applications. Their helium reclamation equipment vents pressurized helium back into the process system, providing up to 98 percent efficiency. With atmospheric and sub-atmospheric recovery capabilities, CTS’ helium recovery systems can help companies that frequently use helium limit their helium losses, and thereby save valuable time and money, as well.

CTS offers six standard helium recovery systems, up to 300 psig, all featuring high performance industrial compressors, built-in electronic gas analyzers, touch-screen user interfaces, and certified storage tanks. Custom helium recovery systems are also available to meet most requirements.

For more information on Cincinnati Test Systems and their helium recovery systems, please visit them online at www.cincinnati-test.com.






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