DECC’s Automotive Coatings Help Automaker Meet Deadline

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A non-domestic automotive OEM approached the DECC Company with a unique challenge. The rear lift gates on the automaker’s new, soon-to-be-launched truck line consistently malfunctioned due in cold weather due to ice buildup. Lengthy delays in production would delay the trucks’ launch, then just a few short months away. In need of a fast, cost effective solution, the auto manufacturer turned to DECC.

Via an electrostatic coating application, DECC applied a low cure phenolic resin with PTFE release properties to the trucks’ various latch components. This unique automotive coating created hydroscopic conditions that prevents ice from sticking to the latch components’ coated surfaces. Without the potential for ice buildup, the trucks’ rear lift gates are now able to function equally well in all atmospheric conditions.

Thanks to DECC’s quick thinking, prompt response, and effective solution, the automaker’s new truck program was launched on time.

More Applications for Automotive Coatings

To give their customers high quality, long lasting vehicles, automotive OEMs use a wide range of automotive coatings to improve the performance and extend the lifespan of critical car components. The infographic below shows just a small sampling of the parts and components that are commonly treated with DECC’s automotive coatings.





























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