A Clear Vision of the Future from CMSNA

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CMS North America (CMSNA) has over 30 years of experience and expertise in developing innovative CNC machining systems, and are one of the industry’s premier manufacturers. Their glass cutting machine technology offers a state-of-the-art solution for high-speed glass production for aerospace, automotive, defense, and construction industry applications. CMSNA promotes a “no limitations” approach to every one of the CNC projects, and strives to meet the needs of every CNC machining challenge.

CMSNA’s glass cutting machines deliver reliability, versatility, and rugged construction. With open-top, mono-bloc structures and lower worktables, these CNC machining centers make it easy to machine, shape, and cut flat glass. CMSNA provides industry-best 5-axis machining capabilities, with 40 HP spindles and the patented Under Drill System (UDS), designed to avoid shelling, chipping, and blow out during production. CMSNA also offers top of the line vertical glass cutting machines that can be integrated into existing automated processing lines.

CMSNA provides the right solution for every customer by working closely with them to determine the ideal glass cutting machine for their unique requirements. Drawing upon a long history of excellent and innovation, they can provide insight and advice that will give their customers the best performance and the best solution for their needs.


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