Distillation Systems

Distillation systems are used in industrial applications to separate water and solvents, or multiple solvents from each other. Vacuum, atmospheric, or pressure distillation are the three most common methods used in distillation systems; their use is dictated by the solvents to be filtered and the purity levels to be achieved. Continuous or batch processes may be possible, depending on system specifications.

Distillation systems are suitable for a number of purposes. They can be used to treat the effluent from carbon adsorption solvent recovery systems, as they can separate water soluble solvents from water. Distillation systems can also be used to separate solvent mixtures into their individual components, making them suitable for recycling or reuse. They can remove solvent contaminants from waste water, making the water suitable for disposal and reducing or eliminating waste disposal costs.

Distillation System Providers:

MEGTEC Systems offers a wide range of distillation systems for industrial applications. MEGTEC distillation systems are optimized for the specific application, and are available pre-assemble on skids to minimize installation times and costs.


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