DECC Develops New Industry Standard NVH Reduction Coating – Test Machine Performs One Million Cycles without Failure!

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DECC has developed a coating that is likely to replace the old industry standard (D-708) on brake clips. This new coating was tested against other coatings and even against grease.  Amazingly, It outperformed grease by a wide margin. In fact, DECC’s new brake clip coating performed so exceedingly well that the testing machine, which ran for over 1 million cycles, demonstrated absolutely no signs of failure at the end of the test.

This came about when DECC was contacted by an automotive sector manufacturing OEM with a challenge. A national auto manufacturer had asked for a solution to a problematic NVH issue they had been dealing with that had been excessive noise and squeaking. These undesirable noises were caused by friction between the clip and pad in their brake assemblies. The old industry standard specialty grease was applied to the brake clip as a solution, but the process was messy, not repeatable,  and did not even completely eliminate the NVH issue. This is where DECC came in.

DECC was able to, due to their years of experience as a coating applicator of many different kinds of industrial coatings, recommend a coating that not only solved all of the auto manufacturer’s problems, but will be a market-changing development in both the coating industry and the automotive manufacturing sector. It is because of outcomes like this that OEMs seek out DECC for coating application needs. DECC provides knowledge, reliability, and problem solving and even industry edge.




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