CNC Plastics Machining for Aerospace Applications

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Plastic is one of the most readily-available and widely used materials in the world today. It is relatively easy to work with, and versatile enough to be used in nearly any application. Plastics can be found in kids’ toys, smart phones, automobiles, appliances, industrial robots, and countless other items.

Plastics can even be found in parts and components used in the aerospace industry. In aerospace applications, there is no room for error, as even the smallest of unwanted variations can lead to disaster. When cutting plastics for aerospace use, many manufacturers rely on CNC equipment to make sure the job gets done right.

CNC (computer numeric control) machines are automated devices that can cut, grind, and otherwise form materials in three dimensions. All they require is material with which to work and a digital design file of the desired part. From there, the operator can step away and let the machine run on its own—many CNC systems are capable of “light out” operation, in which they continue to produce parts for hours, days, or weeks on end without any human involvement.

The precision of computer automation allows CNC machines that are cutting plastics or other materials to produce perfectly identical parts each and every time. For the aerospace industry, this not only reduces manufacturing time and costs, it is also often critical to operational safety.

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