Lifewear Now Offering All Natural Bamboo Fiber Scrubs

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4 February 2013—Lifewear Products, suppliers of a variety of medical health and safety products, has added MD Panda brand bamboo medical scrubs made from 70% organic bamboo fiber to their product lineup.

Lifewear states that, while they look the same as medical scrubs made from 100% cotton or other materials, the unique material in organic bamboo scrubs gives them natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. The bamboo fibers’ anti-bacterial properties are said to be much gentler on wearers’ skin than anti-bacterial chemical additives, and are known to help prevent numerous maladies, including MRSA bacteria, yellow staphylococcus, and cross infection. All-natural bamboo fibers also provide greater moisture absorption and ventilation than all-cotton materials.

Additionally, most bamboo scrubs on the market are made from only 50% bamboo fiber, with 50% cotton filler. MD Panda bamboo scrubs are 70% bamboo, with only 30% cotton content. For the same price as most 50/50 bamboo-cotton scrubs, Lifewear customers can enjoy a softer material with a smooth, silk-like luster.

Lifewear Products sells a broad range of barrier protection supplies, including latex and non-latex exam gloves, lab coats, surgical gowns, and more. Since 2004, Lifewear has been a distributor of quality products from a number of leading manufacturers, including NitriDerm, DermAssist, and MD Panda. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lifewear offers competitive pricing and value packaging to meet the needs of customers all across the United States.

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