Trans-Matic Suzhou Joins Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry

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14 January 2013—Trans-Matic Suzhou, the Chinese division of Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company, is pleased to announce its membership in the Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry (CCMI).

Founded in 1968, Trans-Matic grew from a small business into one of the world’s leading metal stamping companies. Trans-Matic manufactures a broad array of precision, deep drawn components and assemblies for customers all around the world and across a range of industries. Headquartered in Holland, Michigan, the company expanded to a satellite location in Mesa, Arizona, in 1992, then, in 2006, became a global corporation with the opening of their Far East location in the Suzhou District of China’s Jiangsu Province. Trans-Matic takes pride in their innovative metal stamping capabilities, and is ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified for quality management.

CCMI is China’s national metalforming organization, focusing on the forging and sheet metal forming industry. China’s metalforming industry counts tens of thousands of individual enterprises and several million employees, produces well over 50 million tons of fabricated metal parts annually, and accounts for hundreds of billions of RMB in business each year. The Confederation is very similar in its function and scope to the US-based Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), in which Trans-Matic Manufacturing also holds membership. Like the PMA, CCMI brings together metal forming enterprises, research and project planning institutes, universities, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, and other organizations related to the field.

To learn more about Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company and their deep drawn metal stamping capabilities, visit them online at For more information about the CCMI, visit

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