Troy Technologies Announces New Travel Wheelchair Cases

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Travel wheelchair specialists Troy Technologies have created a durable, dependable new way to carry and store wheelchairs on airplanes and other mass transit systems.

27 November 2012—Troy Technologies, manufacturers and sellers of a wide range of adult travel wheelchairs, has developed a new specialty wheelchair case designed with travelers in mind. The company’s new suitcase wheelchair travel bags are made to fit most non-powered wheelchairs, and make carrying-on and storage of wheelchairs on airplanes, trains, and in cars easier and more convenient.

Troy Technologies is one of few manufacturers in the industry to focus on travel wheelchairs. The company’s travel wheelchairs are built to be lightweight and comfortable while being sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of travel. Troy Technologies’ travel wheelchairs utilize innovative technology and designs to provide high quality and outstanding safety.

“It’s important to get your wheelchair to your destination in one piece,” said Nathan Watkins, owner of Troy Technologies. “No one wants get where they’re going and find that their wheelchair has been damaged or broken in transit. That’s why we developed these durable, light weight travel bags for wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes.”

Troy Technologies’ wheelchair travel bags boast a slew of unique features to help travelers’ chairs arrive safely. The bags are constructed from a durable polyester fabric with padded walls and include zippered expansion pockets to provide extra space when needed. Internal straps are designed to hold folded wheelchairs firmly in place, while heavy duty roller wheels and telescoping handles provide for easy maneuvering, carrying, and loading/unloading from storage spaces.

“Our light weight travel wheelchair cases make it easier than ever to bring a wheelchair onto a plane,” Watkins said. “They’re designed for easy on board storage, which makes them great for traveling on trains and other forms of mass transit, too.” Troy Technologies’ travel wheelchair bags are now available via the company’s website.

For more information on Troy Technologies and their full line of travel wheelchairs and related accessories, visit them online at

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