Cam Spray Unveils 30 New Pressure Washer Models

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12 September 2012—Cam Spray has expanded their offering of industrial grade pressure washers with the addition of thirty new models. These new pressure washer models add greater levels of performance and convenience to Cam Spray’s already extensive product line.

Cam Spray is a leading manufacturer and purveyor of commercial pressure washers, wholesale drain cleaning equipment, and other industrial washing systems. The company offers hundreds of products of their own design, as well as custom models built to customer specifications, which are utilized in a broad range of applications, from agriculture to facilities maintenance to NASCAR racing. Since 1971, Cam Spray has provided quality machines that are built and tested in the USA. The Iowa Falls, Iowa-based business takes pride in producing professional-grade equipment that helps get the job done the right way, on time and on budget.

Cam Spray’s new pressure washer models fall into two categories. The first are super high pressure models, with pressure ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 PSI. The nine new, gas-powered pressure washers in this category are available in several frame types, and can include hot water spray capabilities thanks to Cam Spray’s specially designed, factory built heating coils. Their second new power washer category includes 21 “Economy Wall Mount Electric” models. Designed to conserve space while delivering high-powered performance, these pressure washers feature enclosed, fan-cooled electric motors ranging from 1.5 to 10 horsepower.

To learn more about Cam Spray, their economy wall mount electric or super high pressure power washers, or any of their industrial washing and cleaning equipment, visit them online at

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