Marketing with QR Code Labels

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This article will help you understand more about QR codes and why you might want to use them on your product labels.

What are QR Codes and how can they Round out your Marketing Campaign?

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a QR code display

Originating in 2004 in Japan, QR codes (Quick Response codes) were developed by Denso Wave, a barcode scanner manufacturer. Toyota was one of the first companies to utilize QR codes to track vehicle parts in their manufacturing facilities. Today, QR codes are still used in manufacturing, but now they are being used for all kinds of marketing applications, including on product packaging. QR codes for Labels offer consumers an easy, convenient and immediate means of product information. Mobile phone technology has propelled the use of QR codes at the consumer level.

Most Smartphones are now equipped to scan QR codes, read hyperlinks and bring the user directly to a web location where web pages, videos and other rich online content can be viewed. QR codes allow marketers to store and share large amounts of information, including coupons, contact information, physical addresses, and URL’s. QR Codes are like interactive marketing billboards and can easily be incorporated into your label or packaging design.


Where can you Benefit from Including a QR Code on your Label?

Here are a few examples where QR codes for labels can directly benefit your brand’s consumer appeal.

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QR Code on Wine Label

Wine and Beverage Labels 

Traditionally, wine bottle labels do not contain much information beyond the basics. Nutritional information or specific details about the production of the wine are left to the consumer to investigate on their own. Imagine having a QR code on your wine bottle label that directs the consumer to your website or a landing page with pairing advice. Wine producers are turning to QR codes to tell a story about their wines or watch videos about their winery’s history. You could have your QR code direct the consumer to a special promotions page. With new printing technology for variable-data QR codes, the possibilities are endless.

Cosmetic and Beauty Product Labels 

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QR code on a soap label

By including a QR code on your product label, your consumers could be directed to customer testimonial videos or tutorials while they are in the store with your product in hand. The consumer could even be directed to owner products in the same line or of the same brand. With QR codes for labels, the possibilities are far reaching.

Booklet & Expanded Content Labels

By combining expanded content labels and QR codes, you can put more information about your product into the hands of your consumer. Vitamin Supplement and Nutraceutical companies utilizing QR codes can direct consumers to your website so they can see why the benefits of your product versus your competitor. Special promotion web pages, landing pages for an interactive mobile site for your company or link to other products that work synergistically together.

Food & Beverage Labels

By adding QR codes to your food and beverage labels, you can provide recipes, additional nutritional facts and dietary statements, special promotions and coupons and so much more.

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QR code on soft drink label


How can you get Started Using QR Codes on your Packaging? 

If you could speak with your prospective client, what would you say to them? What unique things would you want to show them? What would you share with them about your product that your competition does not offer? These are just a few questions one must ask when expanding one’s brand in hopes of getting noticed. Do you have a website or Facebook page with your company history or more information about your products? These are great places to start when directing consumers towards your brand and your new QR code is the vehicle to take them there, directly from the label on your product.


Why should I use QR codes on my packaging? 

By and large, consumers are becoming better informed and have become more driven by immediate gratification and you must be poised to address these needs. If a customer sees a special offer on a product label, they no longer want to wait to mail in a rebate or go home and visit a website. QR codes for labels provide the instant response consumers are craving. QR codes incorporated in your label and packaging designs give your product the advantage on the shelves by literally giving consumers information at their fingertips! QR codes provide the consumer with the opportunity to quickly and easily access you and your expanded product information where ever they may be.


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