Marketech International Now Offers Online Ordering for Dermagrain Products

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25 July 2012—Marketech International is pleased to introduce its new website for their Dermagrain products, Customers can now conveniently order online and have their products shipped the same day.

Marketech International is a leading worldwide provider of advanced materials, refractory metals, composites, and special alloys for a range of highly technological applications. They supply single crystals, engineered ceramics, sapphire materials, aerogels and more, serving the aerospace, semiconductor, and electronics industries, among others. Marketech has nearly 25 years’ experience in delivering innovative, custom fabricated products to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Marketech International supplies aluminum oxide (alumina) microdermabrasion crystals in bulk quantities at wholesale prices for dermatologists and aesthetic skin care professionals. Their eponymous Dermagrain crystals are available in three of the most commonly used grit sizes (120 grit, 100 grit, and 90 grit) for use in microdermabrasion machines, exfoliating body scrubs and lotions, and other skin care products.

For more information about Marketech International and their exceptional inventory of advanced materials, visit them online at To learn more about Dermagrain’s microdermabrasion crystals, visit their website at or find them on Facebook.

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