Engineered Source

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Engineered Source, Inc.
1577 E. Saint Gertrude Place
Santa Ana,CA92705
Phone: 877-637-3721
Fax: 877-637-3721

Engineered Source, Inc. serves California’s Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, supplying commercial hardware and related products.

Founded in 1991 on the premise that quality, service, and delivery are crucial to developing lasting customer relationships, Engineered Source’s foundation was built on fasteners. In the decades since, their product offerings have grown to include everything from double wire rotor clamps to power cords to aquarium fittings and much more.

Engineered Source is focused on doing business the way their customers want. They offer custom parts, blanket orders and other inventory programs, same day shipping, and the promise that a real person will answer the phone for all customer calls.

Engineered Source, Inc.

Engineered Source’s inventory includes:

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