FieldServer Technologies Releases Advanced Auto-Discovery Feature for ProtoCessor

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21 June 2012 – FieldServer Technologies announces the latest enhancement for the ProtoCessor OEM Gateway, Advanced Auto-Discovery. Whether your application has one or more of the same device or several different devices, the Advanced Auto-Discovery feature on ProtoCessor can automatically discover known devices on the network and then automatically configure the ProtoCessor product to provide the protocol translation necessary. The Advanced Auto-Discovery feature is found on all ProtoCessor products, including the ProtoCessor, ProtoCarrier/ProtoCessor solution and the ProtoNode. It eliminates the need to manually set DIP switches, to select a configuration or to download configuration files for specific products. A single ProtoCessor product can store up to 30 device profiles with multiple protocols, thus the OEM need only stock one type of gateway to handle their entire line of products and that gateway will automatically detect the device connected and configure the gateway.

The advantage is the OEM only needs to stock one ProtoCessor product to meet the various protocol translation needs of their full product line. And the end user/installer can quickly and easily configure the various products on-site.

How it works:

1. ProtoCessor polls the network to discover the devices found. It has the profile (point lists and mapping) of all for the OEM’s controllers in its memory, supporting up to 30 different products.

2. Once ProtoCessor identifies that a device matches one of the profiles in memory, it will load that profile and move on to the next device address.

3. It will continue the search on the network until the point limitation has been reached (i.e. 1200 Modbus points) or if all device addresses have been polled.

4. Once it completes the entire polling cycle, it will build the configuration file for all the devices discovered and automatically load the file.

5. Then ProtoCessor completes the discovery process and is ready to provide the correct protocol translation required.

For more information, visit the ProtoCessor website at

About FieldServer Technologies and ProtoCessor

FieldServer Technologies is a wholly owned division of Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTC BB: SRMC.OB). The FieldServer combined with the extensive driver library makes the perfect package to achieve interoperability. Drivers included in this library are Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet, JCI Metasys N2, Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP, plus drivers for fire alarm panels, controllers, and many other proprietary and legacy devices.

The ProtoCessor brand incorporates the proven FieldServer technology into a package designed for OEMs to incorporated on-board protocol conversion in their product, meeting the needs of their end users. For more information about FieldServer Technologies, please visit

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