Plasti Dip International Introduces Rubber Dip Spray

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31 May 2012—Plasti Dip International has created and launched a variation of their Rubber Dip synthetic rubber coating, dubbed Rubber Dip Spray. The new formulation is designed specifically for use with spray guns, and is pre-thinned for optimum consistency.

Plasti Dip International develops and manufactures a wide range of specialty protective coatings, adhesives, and other products for home, industrial, and manufacturing applications. They are the makers of Plasti Dip synthetic rubber coating, Anything Foam coated foam repair and filler, and other Performix Brand industrial and consumer products. Based in Blaine, Minnesota, Plasti Dip International has been creating its innovative, one-of-a-kind products since 1972.

Plasti Dip International’s Rubber Dip is a multi-purpose, air dry, industrial rubber coating. It can be applied to a wide variety of substrate surfaces, and offers protection against moisture, abrasion, corrosion, and acids, prevents skidding and slipping, and provides a soft, comfortable grip. Original Rubber Dip is intended for brush-on or dip coating; Rubber Dip Spray is designed for spray-on applications and is readily compatible with most industrial spray guns.

For more information on Plasti Dip International and all of their unique products, including Rubber Dip Spray, visit them online at

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