Ecreativeworks Announces Launch Of Cleanroom Supply Product Syndication Website

Ecreativeworks partners with Innotech Products Inc. to develop the Cleanroom Supply product syndication website.


Plymouth, MN – December 21, 2011 – Ecreativeworks is pleased to announce the recent launch of, a product syndication ecommerce website for Innotech Products Inc. ( Product syndication makes it possible to extend the online presence and market reach of a company by dedicating a unique website to a line of products or services. This new website for Innotech Products Inc. organizes and presents the vast selection of available cleanroom supplies in a format that makes it easy to locate and purchase the products that are needed. Supplies are organized by product type for quick searching functionality. For companies that have preferred brands they use in cleanroom facilities, this website also makes it possible to search the product list by manufacturer name.


Innotech Products Inc. provides a variety of equipment, supplies, and accessories for use in controlled manufacturing environments. In order to better accommodate the niche market for cleanroom products, Innotech Products Inc. partnered with Ecreativeworks to design a website that would specifically highlight supplies that are appropriate for use in cleanroom operations. Ecreativeworks designed the Cleanroom Supply website to include some level of branding consistency with the parent company while incorporating a unique new logo and product navigation features. Ecreativeworks’ content syndication service was used to make it easy for Innotech Prodcuts Inc. to manage their product offerings effectively. Changes made to products within the company’s primary website can be easily applied to the syndicated Cleanroom Supply site.


About Cleanroom Supply

Cleanroom Supply operates under the Innotech Products Inc. umbrella out of a facility in Roseville, MN. By narrowing the scope of products to focus specifically on cleanroom products, Cleanroom Supply has the opportunity to better serve their target market. is an ecommerce website the enables companies to purchase supplies that are manufactured to meet the requirements for controlled manufacturing facilities. Cleanroom Supply carries a large variety of cleanroom products, including wipes, gloves, apparel, mats, cleaning agents, bags, brooms, brushes, buckets, and many other cleanroom components. More information about Cleanroom Supply is available online at


About Ecreativeworks

Ecreativeworks is a full service provider of website design and development services. Offerings include integrated web design, industrial internet marketing services, and a number of custom web applications. Web applications include content management and product syndication solutions that make it possible for companies to make the most of their online presence by using a master website to manage content on multiple smaller sites. With offices in Minnesota and in Southern California, the company works with a variety of industrial B2B and B2C clients from all across the nation. Ecreativeworks and their sister company, Ecreative Internet Marketing, can provide the creative and strategic services and resources to ensure the online success of the companies they partner with. Ecreativeworks has had the opportunity to work with thousands of industrial, commercial, and service companies. More information about Ecreativeworks is available online at, or you can call 888-234-5071.


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