Virtually Tour House of Batteries Through Professional Website Video

California-based House of Batteries uses their website to share an informative video about their comprehensive power solutions and their state-of-the-art facilities.

House of Batteries, a California-based custom energy solution provider and battery assembler, has shared a video that encompasses information about their facility, products, service, and staff. The video has been integrated into the company’s website,, providing convenient access and easy reference for customers and visitors. The viewer can take part in an abbreviated virtual tour of the company’s state-of-the-art design, testing, and assembly facilities.

The video provides a personalized approach to marketing all that House of Batteries has to offer. Presenting an inside perspective on the people and operations that make the company successful. As the viewer is guided through the different company departments and has the opportunity to observe a number of operations in process, the narration offers a direct and informative company overview. The video is an effective medium for expressing the attention to quality and a dedication to service that a customer could expect from House of Batteries.

Video Marketing is an internet tool that is becoming more prevalent among industrial companies. This media can be used to provide a wealth of information in a unique format that encourages visitor interaction in a variety of settings. House of Batteries utilizes this tool to provide general company and process information through their website. Other industrial manufacturers have used video as an internet marketing tool to demonstrate specific manufacturing processes or to provide education on product applications.

About House of Batteries
Since their start in 1965, House of Batteries has been developing high performance power solutions with their standard and customized batteries and battery assemblies. As highlighted in their online video, House of Batteries strives to lead the industry by offering quality products at competitive prices. While the video is not lengthy, it adequately shares the comprehensive service that House of Batteries offers. From the initial concept battery design and prototyping to the testing, assembly and delivery of products, the company can ensure a solution that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

House of Batteries designs and assembles a broad spectrum of battery and power solutions for businesses across a number of industries. They have technologically advanced assembly facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia. From low-volume specialized battery assemblies, to cost-effective mass production of standardized battery packs, House of Batteries can design, produce, and ship products in the time frame they are required. The company is ISO 9001 Certified, ITAR Registered and offers UN, UL, and DOT Testing and Certification. With over two million batteries in inventory, House of Batteries has the capacity to handle both customized and standard batteries in both portable and stationery applications.

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