Vertical Machining Center

A Vertical Machining Center refers to a CNC milling machine in which the spindle, or cutting device, is vertically oriented. A simple way of picturing the vertical machining center is to picture a standard drill press, in which the drill bit itself is vertically oriented. In a modern vertical machining center the workholding surface itself is capable of movement in addition to the mill spindle.

Vertical Machining Center Manuacturers

CMS North America: provider of advanced machining equipment including CNC mills and routers. CMS North America is a leading vertical machining center manufacturer offering 5-axis CNC machining center soluitons. CMS North America has led the way in machining equipment innovation, starting with 5-axis machining and continuing with vertical machining center innovation today.

Vertical Machining Center Mill

Vertical machining centers operate with a vertically oriented spindle, similar to a drill press. Like the drill press, the cutting spindle of a vertical machining center rotates at high speed and is usually capable of moving up or down to perform drilling or plunge cuts.

However, modern vertical machining centers provide additional movement by allowing the workholding surface itself to move the material being machined against the spindle, allowing the spindle to cut along it’s side edge as well as the tip.

This workholding movement is very precise and capable of adjustments of as little as 0.025 mm. The entire process is computer controlled and capable of automation, which allows for repeated production of parts that are identical from run to run.

Some vertical machining centers allow both the cutting spindle and the workholding surface to move: others allow only the workholding surface to move while the spindle always remains stationary (in these models the up and down movement of the spindle is achieved by moving the workholding surface up or down.

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