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16 November 2011—CMS North America, Inc., is an industry leading manufacturer of state of the art machining centers and machining equipment. The company’s innovative technologies and design expertise have enabled them to lead the way in machining equipment advances since the 1980s.

CMS North America manufactures a wide range of machining centers and milling machines. They build vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, CNC mills, and CNC routers for a broad number of CNC machining applications. Their machining centers are available in a range of sizes, from small models to larger versions with work envelopes in excess of 200 feet in length along their X axis. CMS North America’s machining centers are preferred by many users for their quality, flexibility, and performance.

The company’s machining centers utilize superior technology, electronics, and software, as well as high-tech mechanical systems, high velocity servomotors, and advanced, highly articulated, 3D CNC components. CMS North America’s machining equipment delivers exceptional precision, world class performance, and superb ease of use.

Additionally, CMS North America provides service, support, and replacement parts for machining equipment, including those not manufactured by the company. Their experience customer service staff is available to assist customers in the repair or refurbishing of their equipment.

CMS North America, Inc., was established in 1987, as the North American division of the Italian company CMS SpA. Based inCaledonia,Michigan, CMS North America’s staff serves the production and manufacturing needs of leading companies throughout the United States,Canada, andMexico. The company is recognized around the world for the quality of their products. They specialize in the manufacture of CNC machining equipment designed for use with unique materials, including wood, stone, glass, and advanced materials.

For more information about CMS North America, Inc., visit them online at To learn more about their machining centers and machining equipment, visit

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