Halloween Twist Ties from SupplyPlaza Add A Festive Touch

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29 September 2011—SupplyPlaza offers Halloween themed twist ties at low prices and with fast shipping, just in time for the spooktacular holiday.

These special twist ties add a perfect, festive touch to a wide range of Halloween related items. They’re great for tying up bags of party favors for kids’ Halloween parties, tagging Halloween themed products for sale in stores, as a final detail on a Halloween costume, or any number of other applications.

SupplyPlaza sells their Halloween twist ties in quantities as low as 100, for just $2.00 per bundle. Same day shipping is available for orders placed before 3 p.m. Eastern time.

Indiana-based SupplyPlaza stocks a varied product line that includes zip ties, reusable cable ties, plastic and metal security seals, and more. They also carry a variety of twist ties for other holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and more. SupplyPlaza provides their products to “Mom & Pop” stores, local bakeries, boutiques, and other businesses or individuals who need the products the company sells, but not in the large quantities required by other suppliers. SupplyPlaza welcomes orders in any quantity from all customers, including private citizens without business-related product orders.

Visit https://www.supplyplaza.com/ or call 888-304-5111 to place your order, or for more information on SupplyPlaza’s holiday themed twist ties and other handy products.

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