SupplyPlaza Offers Bulk-Buy Prices for Low-Volume Orders on Fasteners, Twist Ties & More

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23 August 2011—, an online shopping outlet for fasteners, cable ties, security seals and other items that, as their website says, “have a million uses but are rarely thought about,” offers low quantity orders at bulk quantity prices.

SupplyPlaza stocks a varied product line that includes plastic and paper twist ties, zip ties, reusable cable ties, various plastic and metal security seals, and much more. They supply their products to “Mom & Pop” stores, boutiques, local bakeries, and others who need the products SupplyPlaza sells, but not in the massive quantities that other suppliers require. They welcome low-volume orders from any and all customers, including private citizens without business-related orders.

The Indiana-based company ships its products to customers all over the country, where they’re put to use in a variety of ways. Seafood markets utilize SupplyPlaza’s deadlock fasteners to attach price tags to their fresh fish cuts. Crime labs and medical facilities use Snap Lock and Pull-Tite seals to give tamper-evident security to items in their facility. A major Midwestern university ordered all colors of’s beaded zip ties to color-code items for use at a track and field event. Because they carry such a broad range of products with a wide array of uses, there’s no limit to the customers for whom SupplyPlaza can provide their products.

For everything from doctor’s offices to art projects, delis to garage sales, SupplyPlaza has twist ties, display hooks, tag attachers, twist locks, and much more. They offer competitive prices on orders in quantities as low as 50 pieces. For more information, visit them on the web at

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