New SATA & SAS SSD Tester from International Microsystems

June 2011—International Microsystems, Inc. has just released their newest product, the M3300 SATA & SAS SSD Tester. The M3300 is a modular SATA/SAS Production Tester capable of testing up to 32 devices at a time. Supported form factors include 3.5”, 2.5″, 1.8″, and custom SSD’s using SATA I(1.5GB/sec), SATA II(3 GB/sec), SATA III (6 GB/sec) single channel interfaces and SAS (6GB/sec) one and two channel interfaces.

The M3300 is ideal for SSD Production, Engineering and Quality assurance Testing. Supported test functions on the M3300 include VCC and ICC margin testing, SCSI & ATA pass through commands, Speed testing, Read/Write functional testing, and Duplication functions including IMI Smart Copy support for a large number of file systems. Test results are logged into an SQL database for easy retrieval and analysis.

The M3300 runs under a full featured Linux operating system with a 17” LCD, keyboard and mouse. A two line LCD Display and Start/Stop keys allow monitoring and repeat execution from the Front Panel. It utilizes a powerful and easy to use Graphical User Interface which enables quick and easy creation of TCL job scripts. The M3300 supports 10/100/1000 Ethernet for connection to the user’s network.

The new M3300 SSD Tester from International Microsystems provides an ideal solution for testing Solid State Drives. For more information or to request a quotation, please contact International Microsystems Inc., by phone at +1 408-942-1001, or in Europe +44 (0) 1793 876808 or e-mail IMI sales at

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