Ecreative Internet Marketing and Ecreativeworks Release Trackable Social Share Icons for WordPress

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18 April 2011—Ecreative Internet Marketing is pleased to announce the release of their new Trackable Social Share Icons for WordPress.

Social media is growing at an unprecedented rate, and has become one of the easiest and most effective ways to share information. Social media is ideal for providing updates about one’s company, products, or blog, and, when used correctly, can be an incredibly valuable SEO tool. Social media signals are becoming an increasingly significant part of Google’s search algorithms. With that in mind, Ecreative Internet Marketing developed this unique custom WordPress plugin.

While Ecreative Internet Marketing’s Trackable Social Share Icons are similar to the multitude of other social media sharing plugins available, they are superior in a number of ways. In addition to adding “share icons” to the bottom of one’s blog posts and/or content pages, Ecreative Internet Marketing’s Trackable Social Share Icons automatically link to one’s Google Analytics, making it easy to see what pages were clicked, where they were shared, and how many times, among other information. And, this tracking information is never shared with Ecreative Internet Marketing or any third party—only those with access to the Google Analytics of the site in question can see this info.

Ecreative Internet Marketing’s Icons are also supremely customizable. Twelve different icon styles are available, and the size is completely adjustable to the user’s preference. Users can choose which Icons appear: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit, Digg, and many others can be added or subtracted with just a click. Even the order in which the Icons appear can be determined by the user.

This new plugin was developed by Ecreative Internet Marketing to fit a need for clients for whom the company was creating custom WordPress blogs. While there were many different social media sharing plugins already available, none of them offered the level of functionality and customization that Ecreative Internet Marketing wanted to offer their clients. Their in-house developers went to work, and in short order had created the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin. It is available for all Ecreative Internet Marketing clients, and for free download at

Ecreative Internet Marketing works in close collaboration with its sister company, Ecreativeworks, to provide full-service website design and development services. Based in Minneapolis and southern California, Ecreative Internet Marketing works with businesses around the world—from small, family-owned companies to major industrial corporations—to drive these companies’ online success through search engine optimization and internet marketing programs. Visit them online at, and visit Ecreativeworks at

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