Easy Braid Co. Offers Top Quality PUREX Fume Extraction Systems

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5 April 2011—Easy Braid Co. is pleased to offer their line of PUREX fume extraction systems. The Minneapolis-based company has been a leading manufacturer of desoldering wick and other soldering products since 1989, and is an innovator in the field of desoldering braid technology.

Fume extraction is an important health and safety concern for any facility, but the process is not always easy. PUREX fume extraction systems are ideal for use in any number of processes, including wave soldering, component underfill, soldering/desoldering, reflow ovens, tip or arm extraction, and much more. Easy Braid’s PUREX systems utilize superior technology and components to ensure the best, most complete fume extraction possible.

Easy Braid’s PUREX line offers a wide range of fume extraction solutions. PUREX systems use LEV (local exhaust ventilation) technology to deliver quick setup and operation, mobility, versatility, and easy maintenance. From machines to protect a single person to powerful, centralized systems for multiple users to high-volume continuous automated setups, PUREX has the ideal fume extraction system for your needs.

Visit www.easybraidco.com today for further information on Easy Braid’s full line of PUREX fume extraction systems.

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