Easy Braid Co. Offers Superior Replacement Soldering Tips

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5 April 2011—Easy Braid Co. is pleased to offer highest quality replacement soldering tips. The Minneapolis-based company has been a leading manufacturer of desoldering wick and other soldering products since 1989, and is an innovator in the field of desoldering braid technology.

Easy Braid’s replacement soldering tips deliver faster point-to-point soldering than other tips, and their stable tip temperatures ensure supreme operating efficiency. They feature increased plating for longer life and better cost-efficiency, and, utilizing gold-plated connectors, provide better connectivity than similar tips.

Easy Braid offers replacement soldering tips in 600-, 700- and 800-degree configurations, and a variety of tip styles, including chisel, conical, bevel, knife, long blade, and many more. Sizes from 0.25 mm to 5.0 mm in width are available. Easy Braid’s replacement soldering tips are also cross-compatible with both Hakko and Weller soldering equipment. The company uses nothing but the finest components and most up-to-date technology to create replacement soldering tips that deliver improved power, performance, and dependability.

Visit www.easybraidco.com today for further information on Easy Braid’s outstanding replacement soldering tips.

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